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Adjust A Wings - Defender - White - Less Heat - More Reflection

Adjust A Wings - Defender - White - Less Heat - More Reflection

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A simple but effective design for a Hydroponics Reflector. Made from strong aircraft grade aluminium with a titanium coating, parabolic curves for optimal light spread and a high reflectivity that won't quit.

White doesn't absorb heat anywhere near as much as other colours so using a white titanium polymer coating was an easy decision. 87% reflection and greatly reduced heat give your plants a great chance of success.

The Defender from Adjust A Wings:

Aircraft grade aluminium - Light weight and very strong.

Titanium white polymer coating - Maximum reflectivity, minimum heat.

Anti Corrosion - Loses reflectivity much slower than other reflectors.

Adjustable - Spread light or focus as you see fit.

Increased growing area - The highly reflective Adjust A Wings Defender will allow for up to 75% greater growing area.

All of these factors should enable anyone to grow more with less.

Dimensions on widest setting:

Small Adjust A Wings Defender 54 x 38cm suitable for 400w lamps

Medium Adjust A Wings Defender 70 x 55cm suitable for 600w lamps

Large Adjust A Wings Defender 100 x 70cm suitable for 1000w lamps

The additional option of the patented "Super Spreader" allows for optimum results by spreading light and heat further whilst allowing you to get closer to your plants.

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