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A.R.T.S. - Velgro - Organic Thrips Treatment

A.R.T.S. - Velgro - Organic Thrips Treatment

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Velgro is a natural organic product for controlling thrips, including their eggs and larvae.

Velgro consists of potassium salt (organic fatty acid) and Ryania (an extract obtained from the rhizome of this plant).

Velgro is very effective against the eggs and larvae of thrips at an early stage because it affects the insects' stomach, especially in the larval stage.

The thrips will become sterile within a few hours, and will then no longer lay eggs. Velgro has an odour and flavour that are unattractive to thrips, causing them to avoid the treated plants.

Suitable for use on vegetables and floricultural and arboricultural products. Velgro will not leave any odour or flavour on the plants.

A.R.T.S. Velgro application and dosage:

1L of liquid is sufficient to spray about 10 m2.

Spray your crop a few minutes before you switch off the lamps.

Shake the bottle thoroughly before use.

CURATIVE: mix 50 ml of VELGRO with 1 l of lukewarm water or mix the entire contents of this flask with 5 l of water. Thoroughly shake the mixed product. Spray your crop, the soil and all vertical surfaces, but beware of electricity. The eggs and larvae will be on the soil and on vertical surfaces.

REPEAT: repeat the treatment after 3 days and then once again after 10 days to break the cycle.

PREVENTIVE: mix 25 ml of VELGRO with 1 l of lukewarm water. Shake well and spray once every 14 days.

What is Thrips (Order Thysanoptera)?

They are small hemimetabolic insects with a distinctive cigar-shaped bauplan: elongate with transversely constricted bodies. They range in size from half a millimeter to fourteen millimeters in length for the larger predatory thrips, but most thrips are approximately a millimeter in length.Other common names for thrips include thunderflies, thunderbugs, storm flies, and corn lice.They usually attack the flowering parts of the plant and suck juices from the leaves. Thrips infestations usually cause flowers to fall apart and look silvery in patches.

How to identify if your plants are infected by Thrips?

Plants that have been damaged by thrips become dull green and develop a silvery-white discoloration of the upper surface (A metallic sheen on leaves is one sure indicator of Thrips). There may be tiny black spots on leaves due to the insect’s excrement. Eggs are deposited on young leaves and in buds. Bear in mind that Thrips are active all year in heated areas.

A.R.T.S. Velgro has no adverse effect on natural insects and relatively little adverse impact on biological pest control. To be effective, it must be applied to thoroughly cover buds, shoot tips, and other susceptible plant parts where thrips are present. However, if you want your plants grow free from Thrips, you can also use it as preventive.

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