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10x Sticky Yellow Fly/Pest Traps - 25x10cm

10x Sticky Yellow Fly/Pest Traps - 25x10cm

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10 x Sticky Yellow Fly/Pest Traps - 25x10cm - Hanging Strips Included

These bright yellow sticky fly traps are brilliant at catch flying insects in greenhouses and indoor grow tents.

Measuring 10cm x 25cm, the bright yellow colour reflects light at a wavelength particularly attractive to whitefly (a common pest of tomatoes and chillies), but with it's super sticky coating it also creates a lasting landing place for aphids, flies, thrips and other airborne invaders.

The perfect pest early warning system and supplied with ties for hanging in the greenhouse/grow rooms or among crops.

Sticky Pest Traps can also be used down the side of pots to catch and help identify gnat or crawling insect problems.

Sold in packs of 10 these will put a stop to aphids, whitefly and plenty of other annoying pests.

Sticky Pest Traps supplied in a pack of 10

Simple to use and highly effective

Supplied complete with hanging strip

Ideal early warning system

Traps whitefly, aphid, fungus gnat, thrip and other pests

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