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The entire range of Mills Nutrients has been designed, manufactured and bottled in Holland. Following the Dutch tradition, the line has been designed to provide an easy to use two part base (Basis A and B), along with a line of additives.

Mills is one of the first plant nutrients producers to develop a bio-mineral line. The unique formula makes use of both organic and synthetic sources in order to optimize growth rates and yield, while also providing the best flavour and aroma.

The products’ unique composition makes them suitable for use in all growing mediums and regardless of the watering techniques. The Bio-Mineral formula surpasses organic nutrients by providing the plants with the boost they need. Moreover, unlike entirely synthetic nutrients which can build up in or on top of the soil, Mills Bio Mineral formula does not accumulate in the medium, thus giving the grower a tremendous advantage when pushing the plants to the limit.

• Provides essential trace elements improving absorption of nutrients.

• Stimulates photosynthesis

• Enhances cell division and protein synthesis leading to larger and denser fruit and flowers.

• Optimizes the transport of water and nutrients within the plant.

• Increases plant vitality and improves yield, flavour, and aromas.

• Stimulates the plant’s immune system limiting the use of pesticides

• Provides essential trace elements

By using Mills nutrients, you will not only increase your yield, but you will do so without sacrificing the quality of your plants. Aside from helping the plants develop by giving them a boost, the bio-mineral line of nutrients will enhance their taste and aroma.


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3 Item(s)