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Green Planet Nutrients

Green Planet Nutrients - The World Finest - Grow/Bloom/Boost

Green Planet specialise in manufacturing quality products for the indoor gardening, hydroponic, and hobby greenhouse market. With over 20 years experience, Green Planet are committed to producing the highest quality nutrients that bring the best out of your plants and leave a little in pockets at the same time.

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Green Planet Nutrients

Medi One 1L (Litre)

Green Planet Nutrients

Massive 1L (Litre)

Green Planet Nutrients

Liquid W-8 1L (Litre)

Green Planet Nutrients

Finisher 1L (Litre)

Green Planet Nutrients

Pro-Cal 1L (Litre)

Green Planet Nutrients

Terpinator 1L (Litre)

Green Planet Nutrients - The World Finest - Grow/Bloom/Boost

Green Planet specialise in manufacturing quality products for the indoor gardening, hydroponic, and hobby greenhouse market.

With over 20 years experience, Green Planet are committed to producing the highest quality nutrients that bring the best out of your plants and leave a little in pockets at the same time.

All products use Black bottles to prevent sunlight degradation, and they are hermetically sealed to safe guard against leakage as much as possible.

Green Planet Nutrients include:

Medi One

Grow Cycle 2.5-7ml per Litre - Bloom Cycle 5-7ml per Litre

Many nutrient brands spread this nutrient over 4 or 5 bottles, leaving you to buy "Fish Mix", "Alga Mic" and other parts alongside your base nutrients. Medi one has everything in one bottle and can be used all the way through Grow and Bloom cycles.

• Multi award winning formulation

• 100% organic one part grow & bloom nutrient

• Designed to be all you need but can benefit when used in conjunction with Massive & finisher

• Expect to see about a 10% yield reduction if using as a standalone. This is due to the organic nature of the nutrient but expect exceptional taste

• Blended Atlantic menhaden, Norwegian sea kelp, humic acid, blood meal & sulphate of potash

• Feed your soil, it will feed your plant

• Medi One feeds your soils microbiology which in turn breaks down the larger organic particles into manageable sizes that the plant can easily take up & utilise

• Dr. Hornby Cancer Research tests levels of THC in plant at all stages of growth and Medi-one has largest recorded results ever

• Nutrient includes 1% Phosphoric Acid which enables it to still be classified as organic

• The pH is maintained at 4.0 in the bottle rendering it inert, and will need a slight pH adjustment once mixed to activate it

• Minimum 2 weeks flush required with dechlorinated water only

• Not recommended for use in hydro systems as there isn’t sufficient microbial activity

Atlantic Menhaden

• Small herring like fish found throughout the east coast USA & the gulf of Mexico

• Rich in oils, calcium from its bones and high in protein makes this little fish an excellent fertiliser

• Native Americans have used this fertiliser for generations

• Feeding on mineral rich plankton makes them full of essential nutrients

• Steamed slowly at 190¬¬F / 88C ensures you preserve the amino acids, minerals & vitamins

• They are then broken down into smaller elements using enzymes (hydrolysis)

• This supplies both macro and at least 10 micro-elements as well as essential vitamins & amino acids

Norwegian Sea Kelp

• Kelp concentrates from the north Atlantic

• Rich in high levels natural plant growth hormones, minerals, vitamins & nutrients

• Kelp contains over 70 different trace elements making it a fantastic source of nutrition

• Helps plants to be more robust, healthy & increasing resistance to pests & disease

• It also supplies, nitrogen, phosphorous, potassium, sulphur, zinc, manganese, boron, magnesium, calcium, copper, sodium, carbohydrates & numerous amino acids

Blood Meal

• Excellent source of nitrogen & iron

• Blood is broken down rapidly by beneficial bacteria making nutrients almost instantly available, providing lush green growth

• Sourced from organic feed lots where animals are treated humanely

Sulphate Of Potash

• Major source of potassium

• Regulates the use of CO2 and the flow of water throughout the plant

• Potassium activates more than 80 different enzymes critical for rapid & healthy growth

Humates & Humic Acid

• Used to chelate the large amount of nutrients within Medi One & makes them more available for rapid uptake

• Humic acid also feeds the microbiology within soil allowing the larger organic pieces to be broken down into usable forms


Bloom Cycle 5ml per Litre - Weeks 5-11

A complex flowering additive that produces bigger, more dense, heavier fruit. Replacing up to 5 bottles of other brands, this contains all the essential stimulants, Amino's and Vitmains your plant will require and should result in a 30% increase in dried weight.

• A blend of naturally derived plant steroids, stimulants, hormones and balanced nutrient compounds

• Replaces 5 Advanced Nutrients products (Nirvana, Big Bud, Bud Candy, Hammerhead, Overdrive)

• No artificial dyes, colours or making agents

• Common to see 30% increases in dry weight. Plants is 90% Carbon and Oxygen (45/45) higher level of uptake means increased dry matter

• Produces and transports vital fluids & cell building materials to the flower sites creating massively stacked flower clusters

• Increases aroma & essential oils

• Tricantanol is added to increase the rate of photosynthesis and CO2 utilisation among other additional benefits

• Increases internal spacing allowing more room for flowers or fruits to mature & swell by the use of naturally occurring giberelic hormones

• Gardeners can fit Massive into their current feeding regime by reducing their current additive by 20% and replacing it with Massive

Giberelic Hormones or Gibberellins

• Stimulates stem elongation by stimulating cell division and elongation

• Stimulates bolting/flowering in response to long days

L-Form Amino Acids

• The building blocks of protein

• Only L amino acids are assimilated properly by plants

• Increases chlorophyll concentration giving higher rates of photosynthesis

• Helps chelate micro nutrients

• Enhances levels of terpenoids (major component of resin), phenolics (aromatic alcohols), flavonoids (powerful antioxidants that fight aging and prevent disease) & alkaloids (mainly involved in plant defences against herbivores & pathogens)


• Specifically formulated vitamin profile

• Helps to reduce environmental stresses

• Works perfectly in conjunction with Aussie Tonic & Pro Cal


• Melissyl alcohol = Tricantanol

• Natural organic PGR that breaks down as the plant grows

• Enhances photosynthesis

• Increases plant/crop yields

• Enhances plants metabolism

• Induces the production of flower buds & flowering

• Allows the production of bigger leaves & root systems

• Increases cell growth in in roots, producing thicker foliage & flowers

• Produces more robust plants more resistant to disease & pathogens

• Increases basal branching

• Used to help plants suffering nutrient & growth deficiencies

• Naturally occurring & found in several different plants such as alfalfa and beeswax

• Stimulates growth by decreasing CO2 inhibition

• Plants treated with Tricantanol show a typical increase in cell division between 15/30%

• Helps to protect against environmental stresses such cold shock

Enzyme Activators

• Massive contains a blend of compounds that bind enzymes to speed up the plants metabolism & allows conversion of these active compounds to be assimilated in a rapid manner

Unique Carbohydrate Blend

• Dextrose, arabinose, xylose, glucose, fructose & maltose are just some of the carbs used in Massive

• By using external sources of carbs it allows the plant to focus its energy on flowering & essential oil production instead of trying to produce foo for itself

Fulvic acid

• Essential Chelater

• Stimulates enzyme production

• Transporter of nutrients and additives

Chelated Mineral Profile

• 100% chelated micro nutrient & mineral profile

• This includes iron, zinc, copper, manganese, cobalt & molybdenum

Phosphorus & Potassium

• Essential macro nutrients (elements) needed in relatively large amounts for huge yields

• Potassium is vital in the activation of over 80 different enzymes

• Including the opening & closing of the stomata necessary for proper gas exchange & water usage

• Important in the utilisation & conversion of phosphorus into an energy source

• Phosphorus is a compound of every living cell

• Phosphorus is involved in key plant functions such as energy transfer, photosynthesis & nutrient movement throughout the plant

Liquid W-8

Bloom Cycle 1.5ml per litre

Liquid W-8 is a complex carbohydrate supplement used all the way through the flowering cycle. Using Liquid W-8 will result in heavier, sweeter fruits.

• Flowering carbohydrate supplemental additive

• No NPK means that it can be used during 1st week of flush to enhance essential oils & flavours

• A blend of simple & complex carbs, Tricantanol, yucca extract, L-form amino acids, ascorbic acids, fulvic acid. These ingredients help your plants natural ability to produce its own carbohydrates

• In soil – it is a food source for microbial life in the root zone

• Carbohydrate supplement that provides added energy giving huge fruits & flowers

• Increased absorption of essential nutrients & growth stimulants such as Tricantanol

• Fulvic acid is added to help chelate & increase transportation

• Fulvic drive carbs into the plant, plants only take up carbs in the presence of a humate, without the Fulvic it doesn’t work

• As with Green Planets Massive you also get the benefits of L-Form amino acids, vitamins, Tricantanol, enzyme activators, carbohydrates & fulvic acid

• Contains some Ascorbic Acid (Vit C) which pushes the essential oils to the flower (resin production)

Carbohydrate Blend

• Dectrose, arabinose, xylose, glucose, fructose & maltose are but a few carbs used in Liquid W8 derived from organic sulphured molasses natural corn dextrose, wild honey & wild sugar

• Natural suffricant rich in saponins

• Protects against microbes & fungus

• Reduces plant palatability (taste) putting off some pests


• Bitter tasting, toxic chemical compounds that are plants natural defence against microbes & burrowing animals

• Great foaming qualities useful as a wetting agent


Bloom Cycle 2.5ml per litre

Finisher from Green Planet is a flowering additive designed to swell fruits as well as enhancing taste and aroma.

• Super additive used to finish off the flowering cycle

• Enhances flavour & taste

• Blend of organic enzyme activators, Tricantanol, vitamins, L-form amino acids, fulvic acid, simple & complex carbohydrates

• Designed to re-swell flowers & overdrive essential oil production

• Helps to transport essential fluids to the flowering tops

• Aids in acceleration of photosynthesis & CO2 assimilation

• As with Green Planets Massive you also get the benefits of L-Form amino acids, vitamins, Tricantanol, enzyme activators, carbohydrates & fulvic acid

• Low TDS (total dissolved salts)

• Very low Ec hence why it can be used during flush


Grow Cycle 1.25-1.5ml per litre. Bloom Cycle 1.75-2.5ml per litre

Pro-Cal is the perfect answer to a common problem. A precise blend of Calcium, magnesium and Iron to alleviate deficiencies associated with Soil/Coco and the early flowering stage.

• Supplemental source of Calcium, Magnesium & Iron

• Added low and high range Iron, available at different pH ranges

• Calcium is not very mobile so requires a good flow of fluids throughout the plant to help transport it to where it is needed

• It also needs to be in a form that the plant can easily move (Calcium nitrate)

• Pro Cal is readily available, coupled with extra magnesium & fully chelated iron

Calcium Nitrate

• Calcium is calcium nitrate

• Essential part of the cell wall structure

• Calcium forms the glue (Calcium pectate) that holds the cell wall together

• Imperative for new growth

• Improves the absorption of other nutrients

• Activates naturally occurring plant growth regulator enzyme systems

• Converts nitrogen into forms needed for protein formation

• Contributes to improved disease resistance

• Intracellular messenger – can send a signal from one cell to another telling other cells how to react or interact

• Co-factor in many enzymatic reactions. It’s presence is needed to turn an enzyme on or off and allow it to catalyse a reaction

• A must during the first two weeks of flower as the plant requires higher concentrations of calcium & magnesium to help facilitate rapid cell division as the plant is changing from a vegetative state to a flowering/reproductive one

• This is also true of weeks 4-6 during the onset of the main flower sets

Magnesium Nitrate

• Magnesium is part of the chlorophyll of all plants

• Essential for photosynthesis

• Deficiencies include poor & stunted growth

• Activates enzyme systems thus helping in the plants metabolism


• Essential for chlorophyll production

• Iron is very reactive and will lock up with other elements, especially phosphorus rendering it unavailable to the plant

• Iron therefore needs to chelated to protect it in a way that makes it available to the plant across a wide pH range

Fulvic Acid (lower weight molecular humic acid)

• Chelater of essential minerals & organic compounds

• It allows these minerals & organic compounds to ghost (pass through cell membranes) much more efficiently

• Stimulates enzyme production

• Keeps calcium fully chelated making it easily available and mobile

New Terpinator

Grow Cycle 1-2.5ml per Litre - Bloom Cycle 2.5-7.5ml per Litre

New to the market in late 2014, Terpinator is formulated to increase the concentration of terpinoids in aromatic plant oils and glands.

The unique composition of Terpinator provides the basic building blocks that plants require to produce essential oils, thus increasing smell, taste and weight.

By using naturally occurring plant and biological compounds, unique enzymatic pathways within a plant’s body are utilized to enhance the production of terpinoids and plant oils. These glands are brought to their maximum potential and size using Terpinator along with a nutrient regimen.

Terpinator also catalyzes steps in a plants normal metabolism that will protect and prolong fragrances of your plant’s dried fruits and flowers.

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