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Metabolic Boosters

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    Diamond Nectar, from GHE increases the rate of nutritional absorption, Plant health as well as improving Yield and enhancing Flavour. The rapid uptake of essential minerals, facilitated by it careful balance of fulvic and humic acids, allows the plant to grow more aggressively and in a shorter time period.

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    Canna Boost Accelerator is the biggest selling nutrient boosters on the market. It looks after your plants general well-being but accelerates the metabolism too. Boost Accelerator helps your plants by increasing general health as well as metabolic rate. Both factors are very important as they control the rate at which your plant absorbs nutrients and can therefore develop.

  3. Starting at: £19.99

    BioBOOST is a flowering booster bought to your from the trusted specialists at Canna. Made from 100% natural ingredients. Part of the Bio range from Canna and often used alongside Bio Vega and Bio Flores for exceptional results. BioBoost doesn't just increase the size of your crop, it improves plant health, disease resistance and metabolic rate. This leaves you with happy, healthy, huge plants!.

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    Top Max is a 100% organic flowering straighteners which has been specially formulated to increase the size and weight of flowers, Whilst leaving a sweet, smooth taste in the finished product and facilitating the uptake of nutrients by the plants. Top Max liberates ions like calcium, iron and magnesium, which stimulate the metabolism of the plant. This is made possible with the carefully formulated balance of humic acids.

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    Buddhas Tree Advanced Meta-BOOST Stimulates and fuels an increased metabolic rate for your plants by providing the correct type of energy sources to the plants cells. As you know, plants grow and develop by splitting and reproducing their cells, this uses energy. Meta Boost provides a diverse regime that not only speeds production it also helps plants recover quicker and reach further.


5 Item(s)