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Growing Media

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Growing media, quite simply, is the material in which you grow your plants.

In active hydroponics system, growing media has minimal use and generally a handful of clay pebbles or a Rockwool cube is all that's required.

In passive systems your choice of growing media is more important. We stock a wide range of media including;

Compost/Soil or potting mixes, available fertilised, unfertilised and organic

Coco Coir, is a popular choice because of its oxygenation ability. Available in bags or 10 litre bricks

Perlite is a natural rock formed in volcanoes. Highly stable this is the perfect product for adding aeration and drainage to other types of media. Available by the litre

Vermiculture is also a natural mineral. Being highly absorbent it is another great addition, helping to retain and provide your root system with the moisture and nutrients it requires. Also available by the litre

Clay Pebbles are used extensively in hydroponic systems of all types as the are pH neutral and offer the stability all plants require. Often an addition to compost or coco mixes, clay pebbles aid with aeration, drainage and promote a healthy root system.Available by the bag or by the litre

Rockwool or Stonewool provides a stable platform for your hydroponically grown plants. Its balance of water retention, nutrient delivery and aeration, gives you the ideal environment to promote healthy root development. Available in Propagation cubes, mini grow cubes or 3, 4 and 6 inch grow cubes

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