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Grow Tents

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Grow Tent

There are a huge amount of tent manufacturers on the market now, most claiming to be "The Best" and generally falling short of "Good". We've taken time to try and test most of the grow tents available and have bought to you what we consider to actually be the best. You want a strong, lightproof, smell proof tent that will last, give you ample hanging strength and won't crumble. Here are the options:

BudBox Grow Tents Updates in 2015, the Pro range is thoughtfully designed, built from the finest materials, feature packed, affordable and made to last. The White interior allows for better reflection and lower temperatures. Thick metal poles, metal corners, strong zips and an inspection window are just a few of the excellent features BudBox Grow Tents offer.

Using the right Grow tents will give you the best and easiest opportunity to create and balance the perfect environmental conditions. We offer a range of grow tents that are suitable for any space or budget and are made with the best results in mind.

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  1. Bloomroom (15)
  2. BudBox (16)
  3. Four Two Zero (1)
  4. Reflective Sheeting and Tape (8)
  1. Green Qube (1)
  2. BudBox (16)
  3. Hydro Farm (2)
  4. Easy Grow (2)
  5. GrownUpHydroponics (2)
  6. HOMEbox (2)
  7. Century Grow Systems (15)
  8. Orca (3)
  9. Black Orchid (1)
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