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Why we think our "Grow Your Own Chilli" kits are the best!








Over the last ten years we have received a variety of different “grow your own” kits for Birthday and Christmas gifts, as everyone knows that we love to eat what we grow ourselves (and we are also quite difficult to buy for). Although these gifts were always gratefully received and given with the very best intentions, they were always a little bit disappointing. For a start, there was always at least one thing that was missing that we would have to go out and buy ourselves, whether it was soil, a flower pot or both!

So we decided to create, possibly the first ever complete grow your own chilli kit. Everything you need to grow your very own happy, healthy chilli plant, without having to go shopping for more bits and bobs. All you need to add is tap water and a bit of love!










We tried and tested a lot of different products before being happy with all of the components of our kits, here is what we put in them and why.

Comprehensive instructions, we like to think these are fool proof, although if you do have any problems, we are always happy to answer questions and help you out.

Seeds of your choice (and a couple of back up seeds of the same variety, just in case one doesn’t sprout, as nature isn’t always 100% certain). We have over 30 different varieties for you to choose from. If you’re looking for an easy to grow, mild chilli or a super hot naga which will take a bit longer to germinate and grow, we have a nice selection to choose from. We even have space chilli seeds, you can find out more about those here

Propagation plug, to get those seeds sprouting. We use Root Riot natural propagation plugs. These are by far one of the best propagation plugs we have used. Made from composted organic materials, these cubes have a spongy texture which retains the ideal air/water ratio for healthy, rapid root development resulting in successful propagation.

Root pouches – our favourite pot to grow in (we have tested a lot!) The geotextile material keeps the plant healthy by allowing excess water to drain away and enables the roots to breathe. Regular plastic plant pots encourage the roots to endlessly circle the pot looking for air, the fabric Root pouch allows the roots to hit the wall of the pot, the roots become entangled on the material and create new shoots which leads to a denser root structure, purely because the roots are getting more air.

Coco Brick – coco is shredded coconut husk and is inert, this means there are no nutrients in it which allows you to control exactly what nourishment your plant receives. If you add 3.5 litres of water, this brick will expand to fill your 8 litre pot perfectly.

Chilli focus – In our opinion this is the best brand of nutrient specifically for chillies. We have tried and tested all of the popular brands, and this is head and shoulders above the rest. This 100ml bottle makes up to 20 litres of food.

A plant marker, so you don’t forget what you are growing.

A pipette, so you can measure your nutrients.

A perfectly sized saucer to sit your Root pouch in.

Our kits are an awesome gift idea if you are buying for: People who love gardening, people that love subjecting their taste buds to hot and spicy food, people that love to eat what they grow, People that love to cook or someone that is awkward to buy for, they definitely won’t have received a comprehensive kit like ours before!

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