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Rooting Media

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Developing a healthy root system is the first challenge for every new plant. Providing the right media for your cutting or seed to do this is vital.

Cultilene rock wool plugs and cubes are the perfect hydroponic rooting media, with a range of sizes available to suit your plant and system.

If a more natural product is what you need have a look at Jiffy plugs or our Root!T propagation plugs. The Root!T plugs are not the cheapest option but if you're looking for a quality product with fast rooting times and a high success rate, look no further.

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    These pellets offer a brilliant environment for young seedlings and cuttings. Developing the right balance of air and moisture, they really make it hard for you to get it wrong. Just soak them in water and watch them grow. Once fully expanded, which takes a minute or so, they are ready to be used.

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    We've searched everywhere to find the very best plugs for seed propagation, cuttings and clones. We couldn't find better than the Root Riot range from Growth Technology. Developed by the same great minds that bought you Clonex, these starter cubes offer the very best chance for successful propagation.

  3. Starting at: £2.50

    A new quality product from the great minds at CocoGuru. These fantastic Coco Coir propagation plugs measure 35mm x 38mm and make the ideal starter for seeds or cuttings. Just soak them in water and watch them grow. Once fully expanded, which takes under a minute, they are ready to be used.

  4. £5.99

    Made with its organic materials and our special way of bonding, the Eazy Plug has a predetermined pH and EC value and a fixed air-to-water ratio. Just make sure that the Eazy Plug can drain the excess water and you cannot overwater it. Because the growing conditions are always optimal, the Eazy Plug creates a very fast and powerful rooting and germination.

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    If you're looking for a new Rooting Gel for cuttings and clones, look no further.With Power Root, your cuttings can be dipped right into the jar without fear of contamination. No need to decant your gel before using. It has a unique line of defences against bad bacteria that can ruin your attempt at a healthy start for your plants.

  6. £9.99

    Rhizopon rooting hormone powder, is a strong rooting hormone used in both hobby and professional agricultural applications. Rhizopon Chryzotop Green 0.25% powder is a unique, high quality product designed to supply a full concentration of rooting hormones to the cuttings. Rhizopon starts acting straight away and has a long lasting effect.


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