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Propagation Tents

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Propagation Tents

Propagation is the stage at which your plants potential is decided. Doing everything right from the start will ensure a flying start and enhanced development.

With the help of our propagation tents you can ensure that your cuttings and seedlings grow to their potential with minimal risk of pest or disease.

Ensuring early root development through propagation and into vegetative growth sets the tone for your yield, creating the right environment is therefore essential.

Our propagation tents offer the ideal space to grow seeds or cuttings, keeping all environmental factors enclosed and allowing for easy light hanging.

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  1. Clone / Propagation / Veg Grow Room

    Regular Price: £69.99

    Special Price £49.99

    LightHouse Light Clone / Propagation Tent - 2 tents in one, on its side it’s a propagation tent, stand upright and move the lighting bars to have a great little stock plant tent. Size: 0.7m x 0.9m x 0.5m

  2. £189.99

    The Dark Propagator range of Secret Jardin Grow Tents are designed to house cuttings, mother or smaller plants through propagation and early veg. Measuring just 120cm x 90cm for the base and 120cm in height. The DP120 offers growers with limited space a suitable propagation and vegging tent. Perfectly suited to propagation and cuttings and houses between 70 and 900 plants (depending on size).

  3. £69.99

    Secret Jardin - GreenHouse 70 - Complete with 65W CFL and Power Cable. Measuring just 70cm x 70cm for the base and 70cm in height. The GreenHouse 70 offers growers with limited space a suitable propagation and vegging tent. Perfectly suited to propagation, the GreenHouse 70 holds 2 full tray of Cultilene propagtion cubes: 77 of the 35mm cubes or 150 of the 25mm cubes.

  4. £77.99

    Take care of your mother plant and she will take care of you! The HomeLab 40 is the perfect growbox to keep your mother plant in tiptop shape, producing a constant stream of cuttings year round.

  5. £94.99

    If you need a serious flow of cuttings in your life then the HomeLab 60 is just the job. Its enlarged footprint means it can also double-up as a vegetative / growroom for bringing cuttings up to the required size for flowering.

  6. £109.99

    The Ambient Q60 is ideal for growers who want to manage their own personal requirements of home grown herbs and other compact plants.

  7. £94.99

    It’s compact, but powerful! The Ambient R80S is ideal for generating dozens of cuttings and seedlings in the smallest of spaces.

  8. £144.99

    For space-conscious and intensive indoor gardening it’s hard to beat our growbox Ambient Q80. This highly versatile grow tent can be used for growing freshly rooted cuttings or seedlings into juvenile plants.

  9. £49.99

    Four Two Zero produce a range of affordable grow tents that are an ideal choice for the new grower, or an existing grower that wants to expand their environment whilst keeping costs to a minimum. They are lightproof, waterproof and feature sturdy zips. The interiors are 95% reflective silver dimpled mylar, which assists in eliminating hotspots and helps to provide complete light coverage to the plants. They feature multiple intake and exhaust vents for perfect air ventilation throughout your garden. The poles are powder coated strong steel, which are fitted together using superior strength corners.


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