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Propagation Nutrients

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Propagation Nutrients

It's common for growers to use a weakened growth nutrient for this phase but far from ideal. Fledgling plants and cuttings are delicate and have different needs. You cannot beat a dedicated propagation nutrient.

If your growing from cutting we highly recommend using a rooting gel and myst to support your cutting whilst it develops roots. We recommend Clonex Gel and Mist, these will drastically increase your cutting success! If growing from seed you'll need a propagation nutrient, with organic varieties from Root!T or standard varieties from Canna (Start), Dutch Pro (Take Root) or simply a bottle of Formulex.

Root boosters are worth considering with exceptional products from Canna (Rhizotonic) or Atami (RootBastic) available and easy to use.

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  1. £4.49

    Cutting Edge - Organic Rooting Gel - 50g - Clones

    Looking for a organic rooting gel, well look no further. Due to demand this product has been designed, tested and is now for sale in the UK.

    Extensive testing against current synthetic products found that Cutting edge rooting g

  2. Starting at: £4.99

    Clonex is without a doubt the ultimate rooting compound – used by professionals and amateurs the world over. Clonex is a high performance formulation of hormones, vitamins and mineral nutrients.

  3. Starting at: £3.00

    A very well known and diverse product. Can be used once a plant has rooted, all the way through to boost flowering. Start your feeding schedule with 1ml per litre. Formulex is a solution with multiple applications. Ideal for pre-fertilising cubes and plugs for cuttings, as a feed for the propagation of young plants or the full feeding schedule of herbs,

  4. Starting at: £39.99

    RootBastic from Atami is a highly concentrated, extremely powerful root enhancer that delivers explosive results. With more healthy roots your plant is capable of achieving better growth and going on to produce higher yields.

  5. Starting at: £7.99

    Nitrozyme is a highly concentrated, organic formula made from extracts of sea plants, micro nutrients and bio stimulants. Suitable for any stage of the growth and flowering cycles, Nitrozyme has been proven to increase germination, reduce rooting time, increased leaf growth and increase final yield.

  6. Starting at: £9.99

    Canna Rhizotonic is a powerful, algae based, vegetative stimulator for plants. It safely and naturally encourages explosive root growth which, in turn, promotes bigger, happier and healthier upper growth. 100% natural and containing essential vitamins and vital elements. Rhizotonic adds more than 60 natural microbiological elements that considerably speed up growth and aid the balance of your root system.

  7. Starting at: £13.99

    BioRhizotonic is an early plant booster and is also used to alleviate signs of plant stress. Part of the Bio range from Canna and often used alongside BioVega and BioFlores for exceptional results. BioRhizotonic doesn't just increase root size, it improves the general health of your plant too..

  8. Starting at: £7.99

    Canna Start gives you all the micro and macro nutritional elements for a seedling or cutting to develop into a strong healthy plant. Some rely on the media to take care of young plants but we highly recommend Canna start to help any plant perform to it's best

  9. Starting at: £4.99

    Seed Excel is a new product fromthe great minds at Levo Organics. Designed to increase germination rates, rooting speeds and general plant health. For best results, simply add 25ml of Seed Excel to 225ml of warm water. Soak seeds for 12-18 hours. After soak, plant as normal (media, rooting cube, etc.)


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