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Spider Mite

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    If you're looking for a natural/organic, effective and safe solution to spider mites, look no further. Considered by many to be the best on the market, SMC and SMC Plus or 100% safe to use and start to work immediately.

  2. Starting at: £9.99

    Update 2018 - Mighty Wash is changing it's name to Plant Wash - Same exceptional product, same manufacturer just a slightly different name. Mighty Wash is an extremely effective and reliable leaf conditioning spray that stimulates each plants natural defences and ensures all Spider Mites are eradicated, even the eggs! Safe, ready to use and suitable for application throughout the vegetative and flowering stages, including the final day before harvest.

  3. £84.99

    The Sulphur slowly vaporises which distributes a fine coating of sulphur on your plants, this simple addition alters the pH on the surface to help eliminate powdery mildew, fungi and pests such as Spider Mite, Thrips and more. The addition of sulphur to your grow space will help prevent damage and will also prevent the spread of other fungal diseases as the fungal spores cannot spread in the sulfurous atmosphere.

  4. Starting at: £11.99

    New to the market in 2015, Shield Spider Mite is a revolutionary product that is 100% Organic, safe and most importantly effective! Spider mites are a difficult pest to get rid of entirely, living in small spaces waiting for a little warmth and creeping out when you least need it.

  5. £14.99

    Mister Jays Shotgun Spray is a simple to use application for SpiderMite. Suitable for use at any point in the growing cycle.

  6. Starting at: £12.49

    Dr Schimmel Spider Mite Terminator can be used safely throughout every stage of plant and growth cycles without fear of damage to the plant. Although we'd recommend not using Dr Schimmel on very young plants, it can be used on adolescents right up to the harvest period.

  7. Starting at: £21.99

    B.A.C. Plant Vitality Plus is the first spider mites spray that makes Spider Mites, Aphids and Thrips disappear like snow in the sun. It will also control the eggs and larvae if sprayed on top of your substrate.

  8. Starting at: £11.99

    Cyper Mite is a ready to use spray suitable for a broad spectrum of pests. Extremely fast acting, Cyper Mite is a systemic insecticide that penetrates the plant giving results quickly.

  9. £29.99

    Spider Mite Protection Spray by Spray & Grow is a foliar spray that feeds your plants and helps to protect against spider mites.


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