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Proactive Nutrients

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Proactive Nutrients

Brand new to the market in 2017. Proactive Nutrients have been tested for several years to ensure the very best results.

Perfect for anyone looking to push their plants as far as possible or for anyone trying to simplify their nutrient regime. Proactive is suitable for beginners with results that experienced growers will love.

The complete nutrient set consists of only 6 bottles and comes with an easy to follow feeding schedule.

The Proactive Nutrients range comes highly recommended from Grown Up Hydroponics.


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  1. Starting at: £27.99

    Grow & Bloom A&B in one easy to use complete liquid formula. Proactive All-In-One Nutrient activates the metabolism of each and every plant cell. This action improves photosynthesis and the plant’s capacity for drawing mineral elements up through the root system - allowing for better nutrient absorption and transfer.

  2. Starting at: £35.99

    Because plain old tap water simply doesn't cut it! Proactive pH Water Conditioner contains two sequestering agents that will neutralize the cations of hard waters and reduce their impact on your plants. Hard water cations can lock out and prevent the uptake of nutritional elements from your reservoir while disabling active ingredients. Using proactive pH Water Conditioner will greatly reduce the negative effects of hard water - preventing the lock out of nutrients and stopping the degradation of active ingredients in your reservoir or sprayer!

  3. Starting at: £57.99

    Proactive Boost & Fungicide Effect guarantees high yields and improved crop quality, while preventing and correcting sulphur deficiencies in your crop via a simple foliar application. Proactive Boost & Fungicide Effect contains high concentrations of sulphur in a selected and pure form to ensure maximum efficiency. This ready-to-use liquid is easy and safe to use with a very “soft” action on foliage.

  4. Starting at: £63.99

    Proactive Nano Power Powder increases CO2 levels within the leaves and guarantees optimum performance. A result of our patented manufacturing process which produces nanoparticles of calcite. Proactive Nano Power Powder has a clear effect on CO2 content inside leaves, guaranteeing improved performance of the plant. Proactive Nano Power Powder contains calcium which will improve yield quality, and silica to increase the plant’s natural resistance to environmental stresses. Nano Power Powder allowed for use in organic farming, in accordance with the EC regulation n° 834/2007.

  5. Starting at: £39.99

    Proactive Root Stimulator is a well balanced N-P-K fertiliser, containing amino acids, humic acids (200G/L) and the ACRECIACTIV™ Molecule, will dramatically stimulate the root development of your plants. ACRECIACTIV™ is a purified compound produced naturally by plants to resist environmental stresses. Proactive Root Stimulator improves plant vigour while limiting stressors such as drought, salinity, frost and other environmental stresses.

  6. Starting at: £47.99

    Proactive Self Defence acts like a vaccine, putting your plants on high alert against the first signs of disease. Contributing to the meristematic activity within your plants at a very high level. Proactive Self Defence will improve yields and quality through the unique effect of our choice of enzymes - penetrating the plant through the rooting system.

  7. Starting at: £269.99

    Buy the full suite of proactive Nutrients in 1 Litre bottles, 130g Nano Power Powder.


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