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Dragonfly Earth Medicine

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Dragonfly Earth Medicine is dedicated to 100% pure organics.

The Micronized Inoculants of Herbs, Bacteria, Humates, and Endo Mycorrhizae are tried and tested. We believe that pure medicine, means just that. We do not work with synthetics, animal products or fad ingredients.

We have let Mother Nature be our mentor. We work with 100% organic or wildcrafted, human grade, bio-stimulant herbs, bacterias and endomycorrhizae.

Our brew inoculants are brought to you from 20 years of Organic, Natural Farming/Soil Microbiology experience and another 25 years of Traditional Herbal studies and health care specifically for pregnant women. DEM garden products are a superfood immune boost for your soils and plants.


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    Lush Roots 840 is arguably Dragonfly Earth Medicine’s flagship product. It allows gardeners to use this product through the rooting and transplant growing stages of all plants, even if they are using nutrient salts, organics, or a combination. It will create the perfect environment around the roots through beneficial bacteria and Trichoderma.

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    A Replenishing and Restorative soil amendment for all stages of plant growth.Organic Alfalfa blended with Micronized Humates and beneficial bacterias. A Replenishing and Restorative soil amendment for use at all stages of plant growth. Use as a compost tea addition, or use as a soil amendment. Add to garden tea/brew every other feeding or use as a dry amendment directly in your soil mixture. This product can be added to any tea brew that already has another Dragonfly Earth Medicine product already.

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    An Organic blend of Herbs and Bacterias that specifically aide in Extraordinary Yields. Organic Alfalfa blended with Micronized Humates and beneficial bacteria. Excellent as a everyday nutrient during the flowering and fruiting stages of a garden cycle. Dragonfly Earth Medicine has formulated an organic blend of Herbs and Bacteria that specifically aide in Extraordinary Yields. Makes a fantastic brew and soil amendment.

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    A Complete Organic Herbal and Bacteria Supplement that supports Ultimate Immune Health for your gardens. Dragonfly Earth Medicine (DEM) recommend this organic herbal and bacteria Supplement as an ideal base nutrient that can be used as a compost tea brewed, soil amendment. Use Radiant Green tea for every watering (or less depending on your soil mix) through the entire vegetative cycle AND after gardens are in flower/fruiting for 2 weeks. This supplement can be used as-is in conjunction with the Dewey Mister. If you don’t have a Dewey Mister, then for all other hydroponics and aero you will require the tea brew to be strained before use.

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    A 100% organic plant based foliar spray with beneficial bacteria that gives instant nutrition to your plants while cleaning leaves of any un-beneficial pathogens. Arguably the best foliar spray out there, it leaves your plant leaves perky and ready for the day ahead. Natural Mistik by DEM – A wicked organic herbal blend that is used to nourish plants through foliar spraying. Can be used regularly for essential vitamin and mineral nutrient uptake.

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    Pure Organic Molasses or Black Treacle is a thick, sticky unrefined sweet syrup sweetener. A Natural and unsulphured product, full of nutrients, including: Calcium, Magnesium, Manganese, Potassium, Iron and Vitamin B6. Molasses added to your organic fertilizers feeds the healthy microbes in the soil, mulch and on the plant leaves. This product is for people who are interested in ways to increase the health of their gardens without the use of harsh chemicals. Organic gardeners find that when they add a little molasses to their organic liquid fertiliser they get wonderful results. Pure organic, unsulphered molasses has the greatest amount of iron, potash micronutrients and sulphur from the cane. Both the high sugar content and the amount of trace minerals provide health benefits for your soil and plants.


6 Item(s)