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Advanced Nutrients

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Advanced Nutrients are made with expert knowledge and premium components. Always there for the growers; helping, innovating and creating new products to meet growers’ needs. Being close to the grower is what this company is good at listening to problems and innovating improvements that affect the whole industry.


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  1. Starting at: £11.99

    To get the most out of premium quality fertilisers you need to raise your plants’ metabolic rate. After all, you don’t get any benefit from top quality food when it’s stored in the larder. You have to eat it! B-52 fertiliser booster essentially increases the appetite of your plants - giving them a super boost of energy which, in turn, increases nutrient uptake. Truly staggering increases in growth and yield are achieved totally through naturally occurring hormones and vitamins - but your plants can’t get this sort of boost from anywhere else. Use with soil or hydroponics, ideally throughout the plant lifecycle.

  2. Starting at: £8.99

    OverDrive is a premium flower booster with an extensive and complex array of phosphorus and potassium sources. Hormones and catalytic agents pack on extra girth and weight for unparalleled flower and oil production during the critical last weeks of flowering. When your plants are in peak flower production the last thing you want is for them to go downhill and stop packing on the pounds. Unfortunately, that’s exactly what nature intends to happen! But now you can use Overdrive to defy nature and turn your plants back into champion producers, even when they’re well into bloom cycle! The name is no accident - your plants will literally go into overdrive! Field testing shows that Overdrive reinvigorates flowering and creates a renewed burst of oils, scents, terpenoids, size and other very desirable traits that will give you impressive harvests instead of disappointing ones.

  3. Starting at: £23.99

    Iguana Juice is a powerful blend of organics that produces optimal growth and induces a strong flowering response, bud formation, encouraging a short internode length and a beautiful fresh aromatic bouquet that only organics can produce. Take mother nature all the way! An incredible 100% organic premium fertiliser from Advanced Nutrients. This one part liquid grow nutrient is easy to use, fully soluble and thoroughly field tested. It has been proven to give exceptional growth during the all-important vegetative cycle.

  4. Starting at: £19.99

    Mother Earth Organic Super Tea provides plants with many of the natural nutrients, and vitamins that are not available to plants when using today's man made chemical fertilizers. It bridges the gap to provide the missing organic elements as well as beneficial bacteria for strong growth. Advanced Nutrients has gone to great lengths and invested thousands of man hours into the development of the very best organic growing products and the Mother Earth super Tea Grow and Bloom supplements are one of their finest inventions. Unlike some other formulas, the Mother earth super Tea Grow and Bloom blends are really 100% organic so they give you great-tasting and higher value crops. You get a proprietary extraction process that ensures the biological purity of the organic extracts to ensure you experience maximized growth rates and yields from your grow cycles. You can use Mother earth super Tea Grow and Bloom in any hydroponics growing system or root zone media because it’s pre-brewed, filtered and concentrated in just the right amounts to mix easily and be simple to use.

  5. Starting at: £19.99

    HammerHead - a one-part floral booster to outproduce PK 13-14 and similar products. HammerHead has better source components and formula integrity than PK 13-14. If You Want A PK (Phosphorous-Potassium) Bloom Booster Proven To Work Because It Was Made Specifically, then you've found it. Have you've ever tried a PK bloom booster... only to find... that it did nothing for your plants... or... it created brown spots or leaf tip burning... then... Time to try this one.

  6. Starting at: £9.99

    pH Perfect from Advanced Nutrients is trusted by growers around the world for its ability to achieve the biggest, most colourful, most aromatic and impressive flowering possible. Why use a 3 part Nutrients solution? While a premium 2-Part formula like our pH Perfect CONNOISSEUR is actually the most effective way to precisely dial in a the exact nutrients and ratios your plants need… many growers enjoy the simplicity of an easy-mixing 3-Part formula… and they still want the most effective formula possible.

  7. Starting at: £6.99

    Your Crops Taste Sweeter And Have Higher Value When You Flush Them Before Harvest For dedicated, demanding hydroponics gardeners like you, a supreme moment of satisfaction comes when you’ve worked hard to bring in a harvest, dried and cured it, and finally sit down to savor the taste and aroma of your latest flowers. There’s that feeling of pride and reward as you savor the deliciousness of your crops with your friends and family.

  8. Starting at: £39.99

    Connisseur from Advanced Nutrients is quite possibly the finest bloom nutrient known to man. Just like a super car, this ultra premium nutrient isn't going to be within everybody's price range, but Advanced Nutrients wanted to show that they are as passionate about their products as you are about your high value crops. All ingredients are of the absolute highest quality sourced from all over the earth. Connoisseur's ingredients are a closely guarded secret - but rest assured that they represent a quantum leap forward for hydroponic gardeners. Advanced Nutrients Connoisseur will enable you to get much larger, top quality harvests. It strengthens and stimulates plant systems which leads to much larger yields.

  9. Starting at: £5.99

    Advanced Nutrients scientists created 100% organic CarboLoad Liquid (and powder) specifically to wake up blooming plants by giving them extra energy for renewed bloom and vigor, thus resulting in a better harvest production. Carbohydrates are energy sources essential for plant health and bloom growth, so it’s logical that carbohydrate depletion causes slow growth and inferior floral formation.

  10. Starting at: £9.99

    When your plants are entering the heavy flowering stage, their nutrient requirements are very high. Big Bud provides exactly the right kind of supercharge at this critical phase to ensure a heavy, high-quality yield. If you’re growing plants such as sunflowers and rape where oil production is key, Big Bud is absolutely ideal. Advanced Nutrients have spent many years on research. Their knowledge, passion and love for this work has produced unparalleled products that substantially increase yield.


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