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Ebb and Flood

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Ebb and Flood

Ebb and Flood, sometimes known as Ebb and Flow, is generally an upper tray filled with medium (clay pebbles) and planted directly. However, plants can be contained in separate net pots and placed in the upper tray as well.

The upper tray sits on a larger nutrient tank which holds water, nutrients and a nutrient pump. The upper tray is flooded on a timed basis depending on your plants need - Once or twice a day is usually sufficient.

The nutrient solution slowly drips down to the nutrient tank giving the plant's roots access to oxygen before feeding starts again.

These systems are generally larger and require emptying and refreshing weekly.

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  1. GHE - Ebb and Grow System - Flood Table

    The General Hydroponics version of the ebb and flow table - A versatile, thoughtfully designed, well manufacturer (built to last), simple to use system. By raising and lowering the water level, the ebb and flow system provides excellent oxygenation, which is essential to all good systems. When it rises, the water flushes the spent air from around the root area and renews it when it drains away. This regular ebb and flow of the solution provides the root system with excellent oxygenation.


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