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    An exciting, easy to use, organic additive that allows you to harness the benefits of natural bat guano. Guanokalong Powder is a great source of organically derived nutrients containing 1% Nitrogen, 1% Potassium and 10% Phosphorous as well as a whole host of essential trace elements (Calcium, Magnesium and Sulphur)

  2. Starting at: £8.99

    Vitalink Bat Guano is a 100% organic fertiliser. Suitable for use in seedbeds, vegetable gardens, lawns, applied directly to soil either in a powder form or mixed with water to form a guano tea. Bat Guano can be mixed with top dressed during the bloom cycle or mixed through composts to enrich the soil.

  3. £13.99

    VitaLink BioPac Powder is a concentrated blend of beneficial soil microbes, including 8 species of bacteria and 2 species of fungi. It’s suitable for use in all growing substrates and includes a 10g dosing spoon. Quickly colonises the root-zone with beneficial microbes that fix nitrogen from the air, solubilise phosphorus and breakdown organic material to release trapped nutrients. Making Nitrogen deficiencies a thing of the past.

  4. Starting at: £10.99

    Biobizz Pre-Mix is a dry fertiliser comprised of 100% natural ingredients derived from organic matter and rock meal as well as trace elements. A microbial active blend was formulated to guarantee vigorous growth and abundant flowering as well as maximum resistance to disease and fungal attack.

  5. Starting at: £3.99

    Jellyfish is a premium mycorrhizae with beneficial bacteria. Jellyfish root inoculant binds highly effective beneficials to your transplant roots and keeps them moist and fed in the critical establishment phase.

  6. Starting at: £14.49

    Plant Magic Granules is a granular innoculant made up of Mycorrhiza, bio-stimulants and over 20 strains of microorganisms. All these work to create an abundance of beneficial micro life within the soil. The Mycorrhiza quickly establishes itself forming a symbiotic relationship with the roots. This in turn promotes a rapidly growing root mass increasing the uptake of more water and nutrients.

  7. Starting at: £19.99

    Rhizo Force from House and Garden, sometimes referred to as Bacto Force, is a high quality concentrated blend of beneficial bacteria and microbes.By building concentrations of enzymes, bacteria and mycorrhizae in soil and coco, vital compounds are produced and broken down to produce maximum plant growth. The addition of beneficial compounds also creates a more hardy plant.

  8. £14.99

    BAC Lime Calcium is an organic source of Calcium and Magnesium - 47% Calcium - 5% Magnesium. Use to correct deficiencies, recondition soil and cocos and buffer pH.

  9. Starting at: £8.99

    Orca, from Plant Success, is a highly effective additive packed full of beneficial bacteria. Containing four types of endomycorrhizal fungi and 11 types of highly beneficial bacteria, this precise mix enables plants to use more nutrients as well as defending themselves from diseases. The result is healthy plant growth resulting in bigger plants and better yields. These complex biological enhancers are suitable for use alongside any base nutrients, rooting compounds and boost products and in any media or hydroponic system.

  10. Starting at: £11.99

    Great White is a complete and comprehensive mycorrhizal supplement resulting in explosive plant and root growth. A precise combination of 7 species of ectomycorrhizal, 9 species of endomycorrhizal, 14 species of beneficial bacteria and 2 species of trichoderma


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