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    Cultilene 25mm (150 piece) or 35mm (77piece) Rockwool Propagation Cubes - 1 Tray

    Available in 25mm or 35mm Propagation/Starter cube trays.

    The 25mm plugs measure 25x25x40mm and are suitable for transplanting into small hole Cultilene grow cubes

    The 35mm plugs measure 35

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    Cultilene is a natural product made from volcanic rock, or basalt. Using the latest technologies, the basalt is heated and spun in several directions. This gives it its unique X fibre structure which is characterised by fibres that run in all directions. An advantage of this structure is it facilitates better root distribution throughout the entire slab, whilst also encouraging the growth of more hair roots in the top part of the slab, which allows the plants to absorb more nutrients.


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