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  1. £6.99

    BlockClean - Organic Rockwool/Grow Media Mould Prevention - Disinfectant Spray

    Supplied in a 750ml ready to use Spray, BlockClean keeps your rockwool or growing media free from biomass/mould

    Tired of mould, mildew and sludge growing on the surface of your rockwool and other

  2. £3.99

    Toughened Plastic Garden Garland Compost Scoop

    This garden scoop is manufactured to a high standard from toughened recycled plastic.

  3. £1.99

    The DripCap is a patented water conservation tool & grow medium protector. Designed specifically for use with 4 Inch / 100mm Rockwool cubes. The opening is perfect for the large hole cubes.No only does the drip cap stop moss and mildew overrunning the surface of your cube it also houses an innovative dripper system.


3 Item(s)

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