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Reflective Sheeting and Tape

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Reflective Sheeting and Tape

Make the most of the available light in your grow room by using reflective sheeting. Grow tents aren't everyone's first choice and from time to time may not be suitable based on size, if you need to line a small or large growing space, we stock a wide variety of high quality reflecting sheeting for the task at hand!

With a range of sheeting available from Silver, Black/White up to the professional grade Orca films we have something to for everyone.

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  1. £4.99
    50mm x 50M - Duct/Cloth/Gaffer Tape
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    Easy Grow Foils are the Original and widely regarded as the best. All Lightite foils are 100% light proof and reflect both light and heat thermals to assist with controlled heat loss. They are extremely durable and can be easily cleaned.

  3. £9.99

    Replacement Zip - 2m (metre) Self Adhesive Grow Room/Tent Zip/Zipper

    A strong and easy to install replacement zip for grow rooms and tents.

    2 metres in length. We recommend pealing the backing off as you go and sticking a small amount at a time, rather than all at once and end

  4. £3.49

    4 Way Plastic Connector - Replacement/Spare - Grow Tent

    At long last a hard wearing, 4 way, plastic replacement connector / joiner for Mylar grow tents.

    These 4 way connectors are made from high strength, impact resistant polypropylene and are suitable for any grow tents that

  5. £2.99

    3 Way Plastic Corner - Replacement/Spare - Grow Tent

    Hard wearing, 3 way, plastic replacement corner joints for Mylar grow tents.

    These corners are made from high strength, impact resistant polypropylene and are suitable for any grow tents that use 16mm (5/8") diameter tent pol

  6. £10.99

    Metal Cross Weave tape is ideal for mounting reflective sheeting or attaching ducting to fans or filters. Super sticky and really strong, its re-enforced cross weave design prevents tears or rips, and it is adhesive makes sure it stays in place. Each roll measures 75mm wide and 46m long

  7. £4.99

    Mylar Reflective Tape 75mm wide. Roll 50M/Metres Long - Ducting / Tent Repair

    Quality Mylar reflective tape. Nice and wide at 7.5cm.

    Ideal for connecting ducting or Mylar or repairing grow tents.

  8. £4.99

    Aluminium Duct Tape Roll (45m)

    Rolls of aluminium tape, 50mm wide and 45 metres long.


8 Item(s)

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