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Green Qube

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The Green Qube Range of tents has been carefully and thoughtfully designed and engineered by experts.

These quality tents are built to last and are packed full of useful features whilst still remaining affordable.

Super strong, ultra tough and packed full of clever and practical ideas.

Now with greater head room to allow for taller plants or larger lighting systems. The Spectrum King LED or Gavita grow lights require more room than most standard HPS lighting systems, the Green Qube Range now has tents which offer 2.2m in height.

Upgraded in 2015, Green Qube Tents currently feature:

• Extra Height - Up to 2.2m in some models.

• LightSaver - Helps stop any ‘glow’ from your grow tent with the brand new, exclusive LightSaver. Fitted on all air vents, its clever design creates an external light box around each of the air vents that captures the light and deflects it directly onto the ground decreasing the amount of light leakage into the room.

• Sensor Window - Instead of disturbing your plant’s controlled sleep / wake cycle, Sensor Windows allow you to monitor and assess your plants without disrupting their environment. The green tint stops excess light flooding the grow space during the lights off phase. Using the window allows for temperatures and humidity to remain undisturbed. When opening doors it can take hours for conditions to return to normal.

• Heavy duty 25mm x 1mm poles

• Full Metal click-fit corners

• Capable of supporting 100kg of lighting and fan/filters

• Diamond cut, 98% reflective mylar lining

• Oversized ducting socks

• Removable Mylar spill tray

• Frame features an uplift bar for running pipes to gravity fed systems


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