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LED Grow Lights

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LED Grow Lights

At Grown Up Hydroponics, we've been waiting years for the right LED grow lights. We've tested numerous models but never been happy with the results, until now! The Spectrum King LED Grow Lights.

Like us, you're probably used to the purple/pink LED's that don't emit full spectrum light and have poor penetration. Thankfully that has now changed with the release of the Spectrum King 300+ and 400+.

The Series 400+ Spectrum King uses roughly 450w but is comparable to a 1000w HPS.

Spectrum King LED Grow Lights are designed and manufactured by experienced LED professionals in pertnership with Cree LED.

Complete with a 5 year warranty

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    The TLED by Secret Jardin are specifically designed for use in grow tents. Available in Blue or Red Spectrum with the choice of 2 lengths; 54CM or 95CM. For growing we recommend the Blue Spectrum 6500K and for blooming the Red Spectrum 2100K.

  2. £1,599.99

    Grown Up Hydroponics is extremely pleased to announce the arrival of the Spectrum King 600. Now available in the UK with limited stock. Another quality LED Grow Light from the brilliants minds at Spectrum King. Last year saw the release of the 300 and 400 models. Much has been learned, with all knowledge and new features packed into the SK600 - It really is something to behold.

  3. £399.99

    Closet Case, from Spectrum King, is just what the name says, a dedicated LED light for smaller spaces with Full Spectrum capability. Cool running and only using 140w, Closer Case is an LED Grow Light built to the highest standards. Complete spectrum output will ensure you plants are happy and healthy. Closet Case is suitable for a 1.2m space with a longer working life than most similar lighting systems.

  4. £439.99

    The Skyline LED Series benefits from the latest technology and it shows. Super bright full spectrum light with a fraction of the electrical consumption of HPS. Bringing together the best in high-tech materials and LED chips to deliver a new range of modular LED grow lights. These units are a real step up from most lights in the same price bracket.

  5. Starting at: £69.99

    New to the hydroponics market in 2018, Spectron Light Science LED Boosters are an exciting and reliable LED Grow Light that deliver performance without breaking the bank. LED Lighting, when done correctly,helps bridge the gap in the performance of HPS Lamps, making these ideal for supplementing current HPS Setups.


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