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Complete Lighting Systems

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Complete Lighting Kits.

We've put together some popular grow light kits to save you time and money.

If you're looking for a quality analogue ballast, have a look at the iPac range.

The Sunmaster Digital range is affordable, versatile and reliable.

A range of lighting reflectors and lamps are available to complete your ideal grow light setup

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  1. Regular Price: £399.99

    Special Price £359.99

    The e-Papillon 600w offers many advantages over conventional 600w luminaires, put simply; it uses the same amount of energy to produce more light. This is achieved by combining a superior reflector with the Papillon 600 watt EL lamp which gives the e-Papillon one of the highest PAR output per watt on the market.

  2. Regular Price: £899.99

    Special Price £799.99

    New addition to the Papillon family with all the benefits of the standard d-Papillon, only this time with double the lamps. Dimmed to 50% the lamps move into a very blue spectrum, ideal for early growth of the plant. When you are ready for the bloom phase the Double D can be boosted up to 120% and the spectrum of the lamps turn more red (with still a fair amount of blue to give a full spectrum) this fixture is without doubt the most efficient luminaire at watt per micromol/second.

  3. Regular Price: £549.99

    Special Price £499.99

    The answer to full spectrum light requirements without the unreliability of Plasma, the lamps used by the d-Papillon are more efficient and give more light per watt than PLASMA that irradiate the far-red and UV spectrum. The d-Papillon fixture consists of an ultra-durable electronic ballast which has a 50,000 hours average rated life with a 90% survival rate.The average rated life of the Daylight and Agro bulbs are 16,000 hours with 80% light-output remaining.

  4. £369.99

    HPS beating Ceramic Metal Halide 315w Daylight 315W Grow Light Kit with the exceptional Sun System LEC Vertical Reflector. The Sun System LEC 315 has been specifically designed and developed to bring the very best out of the unbelievable 315W lamps. MaxiBright's Daylight 315w digital lighting system is truly something to behold. Exceptional light production, comprehensive spectrum output, compact, lightweight, silent running and affordable.

  5. £94.99

    Build the perfect Lumii black 600w lighting kit for your needs. Choose the perfect lamp, reflector and accessories to suit your needs.

  6. £239.99

    Here you can put together the ideal lighting kit for your needs. Choose the reflector and accessories that best suit your grow space. The Adjust-A-Watt E-Lite 1000w 400v Super HPS Lighting Kit consists of, 1 x Adjust-A-Watt E-Lite Ballast, 1 x Sol Digital Super HPS 400v DE 1000w Lamp and the reflector of your choosing.

  7. £94.99

    The Lumii Black Electronic Kit is a new upgrade to the range, released in 2017. Fully dimmable with 4 settings 250w, 400w, 600w and 660w. Run your Lumii Black 600w HPS lamps on any setting, simply switch via the end dial. The Kit consists of a Lumii Black Digital Ballast, Light Weight Euro Reflector and Lumii Black 600w HPS Lamp

  8. £259.99

    Sol Digital 315w SuperBright Kit. Kit includes 315w Ballast with SuperBright Reflector and Philips Lamp

  9. Sol Digital - 315w SuperBright SuperNova CDM Kit

    Sol Digital 315w SuperBright Kit. Kit includes 315w Ballast with SuperBright Reflector and Philips Lamp

  10. Lumii Solar 315w - Lighting System

    Starting at: £149.99

    The indoor growing market has been buzzing about the 315w lighting products for almost 2 years. Achieving an output similar to sun light, CDM is hard to beat. Excellent as a supplementary light or as a standalone system, every customer who has invested in 315w technology has been impressed. The Lumii Solar 315w is a complete lighting system consisting of integrated ballast and reflector, simply choose the lamp option that suits your needs best.


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