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The Scotch Bonnet Survives Bacterial Leaf Spot!







Having germinated some yellow scotch bonnet seeds in December of last year, we transplanted one of the chilli plants, which was now 3.5 inches tall to the Dutch Hydroponic Solutions Aeroponic system.

The Scotch Bonnet, newly transplanted in to the aeroponic system The Scotch Bonnet, newly transplanted in to the aeroponic system















However, less than two weeks later the plant started showing signs of being unhappy. We noticed that some of the leaves had started to show brown spots, knowing that this couldn’t be due to a nutrient deficiency or too much of a certain nutrient, as the other plants in the same system were unaffected, We diagnosed the problem as being bacterial leaf spot. Rather than give up on the plant and throw it away, we decided to see if we could get him to bounce back.

Diseased and then three weeks later Diseased and then two weeks later














We removed all leaves that had signs of being affected, which unfortunately was most of the leaves. We were careful to dispose of the diseased leaves promptly and kept them away from any other plants, likewise we were careful not to touch any other plants or equipment after touching the scotch bonnet to avoid infecting anything else.

scotch_6 scotch_7 scotch_8













After less than a month new leaves appeared and the Scotch Bonnet looked healthy but small.

Three months later, after very slow growth, the Scotch bonnet finally burst in to life, growing tall and bushy with the space of 4 weeks and surprising us with at least ten large pods, which are yet to ripen.

It has taken over 6 months to get to this point, but we are very happy we didn't give up.

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