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Product Review - Sicce Ultra Zero Pump







Our first impressions of this pump is what a fantastic, handy thing it is to have at hand. We predominately use this pump for filling and emptying the reservoirs of our hydroponic growing system when we need to change the water, we attach a length of standard size hose to the pump, plug it in and away we go!

There are a range of other uses for around the house, emptying the kids paddling pool and watering the garden from collected rain water (or kids paddling pool water). Feeding your garden fountain or water fall feature. This pump is also great in an emergency, our neighbours’ water pipe recently burst leaving their kitchen and utility room under 2 inches of water, we were able lend a hand by placing the pump in the middle of the water on the floor in the utility room and pump the water directly out of the back door. It took no more than 20 minutes to remove most of the water and a mop picked up the last 2mm of water that the pump couldn’t. It definitely helped to ease a stressful situation!

The pump can shift 3000 litres per hour and is pretty quiet. The power cable is 10 meters long, so the plug is generally far away enough from any water to avoid any potential health and safety hazards. What we love about this pump is that it is fully submersible and that it is super easy to clean.

We give the Sicce Sero Ultra pump a big thumb’s up and 5 stars for being a good general all-rounder product and very handy in a water based emergency. Sicce generally have a very good reputation in this industry for producing reliable, hard wearing and long living pumps, so we weren’t disappointed when we invested in this one.

Easy to handle and compact Easy to handle and compact
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