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Growing an Aleppo Chilli in Coco Perlite







Grown Up Hydroponics, Indoor Aleppo chilli grow. Grown in a BudBox Tent under a MaxiBright 600w Philips Son T PIA Plus Lamp in Nutrifield Coco Perlite with Dutch Pro Nutrients.

Simple to grow, fast fruiting and suitable for anyone due to the low heat levels.

The seeds were germinated using Root Riot propagation plugs, which are packaged in airtight packaging so are already moist enough to use straight from the packet. One seed was placed in the top of the plug, about 2 mm down by stretching the top of the plug with the thumb and forefinger to make the hole bigger, when let go, the plug will close back up again, covering the seed suitably.














The plugs were kept for approximately 2 weeks in a propagator using a small Bud Box on an 18/6 light cycle using the MaxiBright PL2 Propagation Light. The 2 x PL55 lamps provide adequate heat and light. The plug was watered every day with a pipette when the plug lost moisture. In this time the seed had germinated and grown to about 5.5cm tall. At this point the plant was now ready to be potted up, in to a slightly bigger plastic pot, we used a 1.5 litre pot and Nutrifield coco perlite. The plant was kept for a further 2 weeks in the small bud box, but this time not in the propagator. We added Dutch Pro coco A and B nutrient to the water and watered whenever the plant felt light to be picked up, so we didn’t over water it.










Now at roughly 10cm tall, the Aleppo was now ready to be potted up in to its final pot. We decided to use an 8 litre Root Pouch and used Nutrifield coco and perlite mix (70/30). The Plant was then placed in a large Bud Box grow tent with a 12/12 light cycle using a 600w Philips Son T PIA Plus lamp and Goldstar Air Cooled reflector.

After 2 months the plant had slowly grown to roughly 30cm in height. Still petite, there were a few flower sites and the appearance of one lonely chilli pod.














Over the next 5 weeks a lot more pods started to appear and quickly turn red, the average size of each pod was roughly 4cm.









The Aleppo is a really fast grower, producing fruit in 60 days. A brilliant kitchen variety with a medium heat at roughly 10,000 Scovilles. It has been a pleasure to grow! Remember to harvest some of the seeds so that you can grow them again the following year. We think the best way is to remove the seeds (wearing latex gloves) and fold the seeds in newspaper and leave the packet somewhere cool and dry. After a couple of days, all of the moisture should have evaporated and the seeds can then be put in a grip seal (and labelled) plastic bag and put in the fridge!


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