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Plant Support

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    You work hard to make big healthy plants, more often than not they require some extra support. This trellis netting is ideal for use as a vertical or horizontal plant support. Reduce the chances of damage from rot and pests. Heavy-duty, long lasting, reusable polyester trellis net.

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    Horizontal Net/Mesh Plant Support "StretchNet" SCROG/Trellis. This support mesh measures 76cm x 76cm when not under tension, stretching up to 1.2m under full tension. Each square is roughly 17cm, when stretched

    Hooks in each corner make this easy to attach and adjust

  3. £9.99

    HighPro - Elasticated Horizontal Stretch Net / SCROG - Mesh/Trellis -Horizontal Plant Support

    Providing horizontal support for plants ensures strong evenly distributed limbs, easy air circulation and most importantly an level canopy for even light distribution

    This support mesh

  4. £2.29

    4 plastic, sprung support clips. Roughly 2.5cm square, these clips are suitable for supporting plants from the stem. These clips can also be used to secure climbing plants to a trellis. Suitable for use indoors and out. Re-usable

  5. Starting at: £5.99

    Plant Bends are a very simple but effective product. Used to train or support your plants as required, gently bend the stem or branches of your plants so they grow how you want or are able to receive more light than if they grew naturally. Best used in the vegetative stage, Plant Bends can be clipped to your plants stems or branches changing their growing direction.

  6. Starting at: £8.99

    The Luxx range of support nets are made from white bungee. >Hooks in each corner make this easy to attach and adjust to corner poles with a diameter of up to 25mm. the 2.4x1.2m net has 6 hooks, one for each corner and 2 for the middle.

  7. £5.00

    Prop Upz are a new and unique product designed specifically for supporting delicate seedlings. On occasion, seedlings can become weak or tall if stretching for light, under these circumstances some form of support is needed. Offering protection and support will transform your garden, helping to guard vulnerable seedlings from the very start of their life cycle.

  8. Starting at: £11.99

    The Scrog Line Pro is an innovative single pot SCROG system. Each Scrog Line Pro contains the frame system and elasticated SCROG Net. The Scrog Line Pro is intended for use with a single pot and single plant. Simply install the Scrog Line Pro by pushing the legs into the growing medium in your chosen pot and you are ready to grow.

  9. £7.99

    Plant Yo-Yo's - Support your plants and help them grow straight

    Plant Yo-Yo's are designed to support your plants when they get too heavy and can't support themselves properly.

    Capable of supporting a full plant or a single branch - Gentle support

    Simply fasten the Yo-


9 Item(s)

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