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  • Plant!T Watering Ring - DIY Drip or Flood System

    Plant!T Watering Rin...

    PLANT!T Watering Ring - Ide...

    Regular Price: £6.95

    Special Price £5.00

  • Quality Digital Lighting Ballast Pro 600W Adjustable/Multiple Settings

    Quality Digital Ligh...

    Digilight Pro 600w Digital ...

    Regular Price: £114.95

    Special Price £109.95

  • Root!T Rooting Gel, Mist and First Feed - Propagation Feed - Seeds/Cuttings

    Root!T Rooting Gel, ...

    Root!T Rooting Gel 250ml - ...

    Regular Price: £5.49

    Special Price £2.99

  • Rope Ratchet Hangers (pair)

    Rope Ratchet Hangers

    Rope Ratchet Hangers (Pair)...

    Regular Price: £6.95

    Special Price £4.95